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What in the world is… World-schooling?

How many types of schooling do you know of?

When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I spoke about schooling and day care. Back then we were in Sydney and there were 18 month waiting lists to get in the 0-2 yr old baby rooms in the daycare centres. In case you were wondering, yes some people actually had their children’s names down before they conceived!

We knew a couple where the husband actually left the hospital the day his daughter was born. He went to the school’s enrolment office he wanted his daughter to attend just to put her name on the wait list! Back then we looked at all kinds of schooling. Initially we looked at the mainstream schools being public, private and catholic and then beyond to the lesser known educational avenues of Montessori and

Since then I’ve explored and learned about other methods like homeschooling, unschooling and road schooling.

I felt I was cluey about schooling until I found out there is another method. World schooling! Some may see it as a new movement or a new fad, but if you look into it you will see it is not a new thing at all. It has its own little community of families all over the world that help and support each other to teach their children whilst travelling. Some unschool, some home school and some still attend an actual school campus when they are not travelling.

bridge-1312246So what is world schooling it and how does it work? And, why does my heart leap with excitement when I think about the opportunity we have to try this method with our children?

Imagine being a kid and having an opportunity to learn through stories. First hand experience in addition to standard education curriculum if chosen by your parents.

Imagine being in Greece and learning about the Olympics, Greek Gods, mythology, architecture and history. Being immersed in the culture, the language, the cuisine. greece-1594689 Or being in Japan and learning about World War 2, Samurais, the art form of making Sushi or their language and writing characters (hiragana and katakana). Or being in Australia, learning the “Aussie” slang, the Aboriginal culture and seeing the amazing natural wonders of the continent.  We have so much to experience on our own doorstep including The Great Barrier Reef, The 12 Apostles and Uluru just to name a few. Not to mention being able to learn the  history of the land first hand, and find all the amazing hidden gems scattered around the vast country land.australia-1546986

Just imagine for a minute being immersed in that country and its culture. Learning by experiencing instead of by a book or computer screen. Allowing all 5 senses to embrace the experience.

The idea of world schooling won’t be for everyone. But for the few it does appeal to, there is so much knowledge and support out there in Facebook Groups and websites. From working out where to go, how to fund the trip and different learning methods, lessons and approaches.

There are many countries I want to visit with my little family, with Spain, Russia & Finland being right up there. But right now I’ve been exploring a 3 month trip to Japan. The thought of still being able to have the access to the Australian Curriculum and be able to maintain our children’s edgarden-of-japan-1506692ucation whilst teaching our kids more about a different culture and life style  is truly exciting for all of us. The thought of exposing our children to a new language, Aikido, Mt Fujiyama, Origami, Samurais, Geisha, Temples and architecture, Festivals and celebrations, food and food art is truly too exciting for words.

So as I continue to research how to make this trip come together I will make notes and share my research journey with you.

Because after all not all classrooms have four walls.

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10 thoughts on “What in the world is… World-schooling?

  1. Mothers LaborofLove says:

    Wow! This is a VERY interesting post. Although I know world schooling is not for us personally, my heart also leapt with excitement when I read about it in your post. It’s cool to know that it’s out there and it makes me try to think of more creative hands on ways for my kids to learn where we are. World schooling sounds super awesome- Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karyn Davis says:

    Fantastic article and I think worldschooling sounds incredible. I wish I had the means to make it happen. What an amazing experience Japan sounds like. ?

  3. atlasandalphabet says:

    We are just about to leave for a 3 month trip to Japan– only 30 days to go! We’re taking our 3 month old but our dream is to world-school with him so we’re starting early 🙂 Thanks for this beautiful post!

  4. Heather Keet says:

    This sounds like an awesome idea! Exposure to more cultures is the answer to world peace. We need to build understanding in our youth so they can have a better world than the one they are given. #AnythingGoes

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