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Pack Up And Go Travelling

You know those crazy families you read about that quit their jobs, sell their house pack up the their home, pop it in storage and go travelling… well it seems we have joined that group! Our little family of 5 have decided to pack up and go travelling.

Like many this year has been one of those WTF years.

Our son spent half the year off school at home with me due to his chronic asthma and our youngest spent most of this year attending medical appointments for health and birth related issues. As the year progressed sleep deprivation and post natal depletion took its toll. After a long and challenging 20months I began to become a shell of a woman I once was.

My hubby’s work and long hours were all too consuming and his position in the community and roll at the kids school began to impede on our family’s home life.

In the end we found ourselves miserable, disjointed as a family and sadly always ‘busy’.

I was longing to remove my superwoman’s cape. I was tired of wearing a fake smile. It seemed our lives became public when my husband took on the role as principal at a school of over 600 students and over 100 staff in our small town. The expectation, judgements and pressure that was put upon our family was extraordinary and unsustainable. The gossip was just the icing on the cake. I could no longer fly under the radar as Just another mother as I did years before. Instead I walked on eggshells around people who weren’t my tribe.

In the end we found ourselves questioning what we wanted out of life, what was important to us and what we needed to do about it.
Regrouping as a family, having fun, laughing, enjoying a simple happy unbusy life…. these were the simple things we longed to return to.

And so, my hubby gave 6months notice, we put our house on the market and threw caution to the wind… fast forward the next crazy & hectic 6mths and here we are. We arrived in Bali a week ago on a 2month Tourist Visa.

We have accommodation sorted for the next week and then after that we’re winging it for the next 6 weeks week….

What’s the plan after Bali? Who knows… am I worried that we have nothing else locked in? Not at all! Right now I am just staying present and enjoying this moment… and all the Freedom the Unknown brings.

I’ll be sharing all our adventure, tips and reviews here. And noting down all the things I wish I had known before I came to Bali like:

Bali travel – with kids in tow FAQ
Things that are  super expensive and need you may want to stock up on before flying over
What you need to bring with you because Bali doesn’t sell it
Rough costs for nannies, scooter, drivers food, shopping etc
Where to Eat with kids
Family fun activities
Airport tips I wish I had known
Facebook Groups worth joining

You get my drift…

In the mean time here are some Bali tips to get you started in case you want to pack up and go.
20 Bali Travel Tips
8 Family Fun Activities to do in Bali with Kids 
5 Great Eats in Bali

14 thoughts on “Pack Up And Go Travelling

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    I can’t wait to read all about your adventure! I have been so tempted to pack up and go travelling with the kids sometimes!

  2. Kira says:

    Oh wow! I would absolutely love to do this , just get up and go with the girls . I wish you all the best and definitely love to keep up dates with your adventures

  3. Janet Robertson-Peverley says:

    Gosh, your post gave me such a smile. What a wonderful take on life. It’s been a rough few months for me personally, and this idea, this way of saying change your life and make it better, this is wonderful. Bali is such a beautiful place, and it really looks like this is exactly what you needed.

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