Family Activities Byron Bay School Holidays Pinterest Image

The image is a pinnable post, the bottom 1/3 is a light blue with white text. The top 2/3 is a faceless photo of a family of 4 walking in the woods or park during autumn time. Brown leaves are scattered on the ground. Nearest to the camera is a Mum from shoulders down, she is wearing a dark coloured plaid shirt, grey jeans and black ankle boots, she is holding a small blonde girls hand. The blonde girl is around 6 or 7 years of age and is wearing a spotty shirt with white jeans and brown boots. In front of them walks a little girl with her blonde hair in a pony tail, she is wearing a white jumper and brown trousers with knee length boots. she is walking holding her Dads tshirt. The Dad is visible from head to toe and is wearing a white long sleeve top, black padded gilet and black jeans.

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