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The BEST Non-Toy Christmas Gift Ideas

Hark! The Herald Angels and Deck The Halls, Christmas is coming yet again! Yep, it’s that time of year where lights go up, trees are decorated and wish lists are sent to Santa.

For most kids, their Santa list consists of a whole bunch of toys they have seen at the shops, on TV or at their friend’s house. If you’re lucky, they might include a practical item on there like new shoes or a new stainless steel drink bottle.

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to pop under the tree for the kids. Especially if the toy box is already overflowing. For us we try to steer away from all the plastic & commercial toys and always lean towards things that get the kids out in nature, promote creativity or allow them to experience new things.  So with that in mind we’ve put together a list  of non-toy Christmas gift ideas to help with the list making.

Non-toy Christmas Gift Ideas:

Items other than toys:
  1. Books – There are so many benefits to reading, I don’t know where to start…
  2. Audio Books – Long car rides, before bedtime whatever the reason, audio books certainly come in handy.
  3. Magazine Subscription – There are a few to choose from but National Geographic Kids magazine would be our pick!
  4. School supplies – A practical, ‘two birds with one stone kind of present’. These also make great little stocking fillers too.
  5. Dress Ups – Let their imaginations run wild…
  6. Arts & Crafts – Painting rocks, felt work, sewing, modelling clay, tie dye…. oh the list is endless. We love supporting a local mamma/ small business for our art & craft supplies. Check her out Indigo Inspirations
Get into nature:
  1. Gardening tools – kids love to help and they feel so special when they have their own gardening tools to help Mum and Dad! And I saw the cutest kids wheelbarrow at Bunnings the other week!
  2. Telescope – Another thing kids love to do is explore. Telescopes are great for night time star gazing.
  3. Camping Equipment – Even if the only camping you do is in the backyard, a tent and sleeping bag make for great, practical gifts.
  4. Umbrella & Gumboots – Summer time in the Northern Rivers, NSW can be the wettest time of year for us. Super fun & super practical gift!
  5. Binoculars & Bird Book – As we said, young kids love to explore, if you live near the bush or on property like us, bird watching can be very fun and educational.
  6. Bug House/ Bug Catcher – A great way to learn about bugs and inspects, just remember its nice to release them back into their home… catch & release 🙂
  1. Travel Supplies – Trunkies are great, toiletries bag, luggage compartment bags or even a passport cover, just to name a few.
  2. Tickets to a day out – Family passes to a theme park or adventure park make great family gifts.
  3. Memberships – Take out a family membership to somewhere like Macadamia Castle, Wet n Wild or even the zoo so you can enjoy family outings year round.
  4. Classes – Try something a little left of field with dance classes, horse riding or even martial arts classes.
  5. Vouchers – Gift cards and vouchers for the cinema, iTunes and other things that tend to cost you during the year can be a great money saver. And the kids feel more independent with their “own” money as well.
  6. Tickets to an event: Concert tickets or event tickets are always a winner especially for the older kids.
  7. A family holiday – The gift that keeps on giving, tell the kids your taking them on a family holiday. Or surprise them with printed tickets/ boarding passes….

Do you have any non-toy Christmas gift ideas that you are looking to surprise the kids with this year? We’d love to know, feel free to tell us in the comments or comment on our Facebook page post.

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28 thoughts on “The BEST Non-Toy Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    You have read my mind! This year we have decided not to give toys to our kids but more practical stuff and your blog post has so many practical and useful gift ideas

  2. Emily Leary says:

    Great ideas! My kids are both avid readers so I know that they’ll be hoping for some book sets for Christmas. Our daughter (age 7) absolutely loves craft-y presents so we always top up her craft supplies at Christmas and she’s beginning to come up with some very imaginative ideas for upcycling!

  3. Sarah Bailey says:

    These are some lovely ideas, I remember when I was a child getting a huge amount of books as presents and loving it I could easily read through then so quickly so having a stack of them ready was a dream.

  4. Jen says:

    Christmas with children is brilliant. So much fun and a good excuse to do things you wouldn’t necessarily do otherwise. This is a lovely guide for non toy gifts. I find our little boy can be inundated with toys, so it is always nice to have something else.

  5. lukeosaurusandme says:

    Awesome list, you can’t go wrong with school supplies in their stockings. My little boy loves gardening, so some gardening tools would be a great present.

  6. Ashley R says:

    This is one of my favorite posts I’ve read in a while. I go into wal mart on Black Friday just to people watch. I hardly ever buy anything. There are people with baskets full of things they probably wont need or will play with once. Seeing your kids open things like a zoo membership is so much better than a toy that will be thrown aside.

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