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Mummy, I need you too

I love girl weekends away. Not just the ones you have with your girlfriends (although that is also very therapeutic). I am talking about with your little girl. The treasured mummy and daughter time. Sometimes we need to take some time out together for some real quality time. One on one trips to the shops, a walk down to the beach or bedtime cuddles are all wonderful. But sometimes, we need those spontaneous getaways to regroup and really nurture our relationship. 

As many of you know our little boy has been unwell again and ended up in hospital with asthma. This meant mummy & Master N were in hospitals, in ambulances and sleeping away whilst Miss M was home with a worried daddy. I get being considerate and patient are lessons we must all learn. But I’m also mindful that it must be really tough for an almost 7 year old to consistently stomach.

Miss M had 3 years of undivided attention with lots of mummy and daughter time. Cooking together, walks, regular zoo and park trips, picnic… Then Master N came along and there was some readjusting to be had. Not only because there was a new member in our family, but because he has had many challenges over the last 3 years.

IMG_7388.largeOur little boy has had whooping cough, chicken pox, a nut allergy, constant bronchiolitis which has since been diagnosed to asthma and food intolerance. That lead to a 12 month elimination diet of gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs and sesame seeds. Lately his asthma has been really bad with wheezing, laboured breathing, coughing till he vomits etc. A simple stiffly nose results in full blown asthma. Whether we mean to or not our attention is draw to our son and our little girl has to sit by the sideline and wait her turn.

I recently went to a Mindfulness & Ayurveda retreat where I learnt, and was reminded, of so much. But one thing that really shone through, and is relevant right now, is that our thoughts are seeds in a garden bed. Whatever we water will grow. For example, if you always water/ focus on negative thoughts they will increase, but on the flip side the same goes with happiness & joy. I think the same analogy can apply to relationships. If we don’t water the relationship seeds with the special people in our lives such as our friends, family, spouses & children, how can we expect them to stay strong and healthy?

Hubby and I have always been mindful to make sure we have one on one time with our little girl. But sometimes I think we need a super dose of quality mummy and daughter time. So after some discussions with hubby I’ve decided to plan a surprise girls weekend away.


So, where are we taking our mummy and daughter time?

A trip down to Sydney where we can explore our old stomping ground. Adventures by day using the ‘My Awesome Sydney Adventure’ book as a guide. Being mesmerised by the Vivid lights at night and ending the trip with a super special Beauty and the Beast High Tea.

The excitement is building and I can’t wait to surprise her with this trip. The more I plan the more I know that it is just what we need right now.


“The best thing in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we have made along the way” – Unknown

Mummy I need You Too

4 thoughts on “Mummy, I need you too

  1. The Sane Mum says:

    Enjoy it, sounds like you both need it!! Have an amazing time, you’ve inspired me to create more one-on-one time with the kids in our schedules! Xx

  2. lorretta blyde says:

    It sounds as if a lot of thought has gone into this, and i am sure you will both have a great bonding time together. It doesn’t matter what the age of our children are, we will always need this type of time together, so memories will always remain with each other.

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