Month One In Bali

Month one in Bali oh where to start?  Well, the last few days Steve & I have rode around Bali looking for our next home, well around Ubud to be more exact. We’ve seen homestays and guesthouses, to hotels and luxury villas and everything in between. We’ve ridden down crazy steep hills and down roads that are I am not sure we would actually class as roads back home. When cruising around I’ve learnt there are 3 things you will definitely need: Always pack your poncho (you never know when the skies will open up on you) trust me we learnt the hard more than once! Water, that sun is unforgiving, stay hydrated. ‘’ is a must have app when navigating around Bali offline.

I’ve also been researching scooters, schools, the rental market and nannies. Wrapping my head around the bartering system, the tourist prices vs expat prices and local prices etc. I am no expert by any means but have quickly learnt that having a local or expat take you under their wing is key to saving you a lot of time and money.

Tomorrow the kids will start school, a trial for the next couple of weeks and if they like it we may enrol them for the whole term.
Next week we will move to a new villa which we’ll call home for a few weeks (maybe longer, who knows?) It isn’t fancy by any means but it’s the location that got me… because seriously, what’s the use of a big fancy place with a gorgeous private pool if it’s far from where all our activities are? I have done that before, and the isolation and constant car rides was enough to drive anyone insane. Instead, something more basic but in a location where cafes, play areas, pools and fitness clubs are within walking distance is more suited for us.

I am now up to speed with our visas and already on to converting them over from a Tourist Visa to Social Visa. So, staying longer is not an issue. Not having to leave the country and re-enter is also a bonus! (Who wouldn’t love to save $$$ on 5 return flights!)

Other than that, we are all good. Mr N has already had 2 doctor’s visits! He is all good now. The medical centres were clean and staff were lovely and costs were not that bad. Even so if we can leave doctor’s visits off our ‘Lists To Do in Bali’ I would be very happy.

Once you start to see beyond all the crazy hustle & bustle, noise, traffic jams and random footpaths there is a beautiful town with so much to offer… I am excited to see what the next chapter has install for us. We are no closer in deciding where to after Bali. For now, we are just enjoying our time here. Which means today we are off buying scooter helmets for the kids (if you rent a scooter you will find the rental places do not provide kids helmets only adults). Steve is upgrading his scooter so he can take the 2 big kids comfortably to school every day, and then were off to get school supplies and snacks for the kids first day tomorrow (How cool is it, to find a school that provides lunch everyday!)

So there you have it Month One In Bali.  Stay tuned, I have so many things to share with you soon:
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Family Friendly activities in Ubud and beyond
Bali Insights I wish I knew a month ago
Tips for long term stays in Bali
Bali travel – with kids in tow FAQ
Things that are  super expensive and need you may want to stock up on before flying over
What you need to bring with you because Bali doesn’t sell it
Rough costs for nannies, scooter, drivers food, shopping etc

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12 thoughts on “Month One In Bali

  1. Cassie Mayers says:

    How exciting and what an amazing experience for your children to have! They will look back and really appreciate that you have given them worldly experience, I wish I would of had more as a child.

  2. Anosa Malanga says:

    Wow what an incredible journey for you and your family. It must be amazing being able to learn about other cultures and move about as you please. You are creating some amazing experiences and memories for your children.

  3. rhian westbury says:

    That’s so exciting that you’re building a life in Bali, I bet it’s so different from life here in the UK. But it’s going to be such an amazing experience for you and the kids x

  4. Rebecca Smith says:

    What an amazing experience! It sounds like you have been so busy. I hope the kids enjoy the school and you find a fab place to live soon!

  5. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    What an amazing adventure indeed, I stayed in Bali for about 4 days but would certainly have loved to spend more time there

  6. Melanie Edjourian says:

    It sounds like your all about to have an amazing place in a gorgeous location. Glad you’ve done lots of research. Hope school goes well for the kids.

  7. My Anxious Life says:

    This brought back lovely memories – my husband and I went to Bali on our honeymoon. We stayed in Ubud for a couple of nights, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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