You’re All Ready To Check-in Online And Now In Count Down Mode But Feel Like You Have Forgetting Something? Well Don’t Worry We Have Put Together A Last Minute Checklist Of Things To Do Before You Head Overseas.

Last Minute Checklist for International Travel

So, your suitcase and hand luggage is packed. You’re all ready to check-in online and now in count down mode but feel like you might be forgetting something? Well don’t worry we have put together a last minute checklist of things we do each time we head overseas. Hopefully it helps and even put your mind at ease. So without further ado here are 11 things to do before you head off overseas. 

Insurance –

Travel insurance is a must for us. I like Covermore, I have been using them for as long as I can remember, but hubby likes to use the free Travel insurance we get from our credit card. (Yes, you can get free travel insurance from some credit cards – obviously there are terms & conditions but it’s not overly complicated)

Long Term Car Parking, Valet Parking, Train Taxi –

Deciding how you are going to get to and from the airport. If you are going for the parking option maybe consider signing up to Your Local Airport Parking email list Eg. Brisbane Airport Parking  as they do send out discount codes in their emails. Alternatively another great way to save money is keep your eyes out for Groupon deals like this one. EG. $59 for 15-Day Parking at Brisbane International or Domestic Airport at Kingsford Smith Airport Parking 

Vaccinations –

If you were going to have any vaccinations I am sure you would have had them organised by now but for those of you who are going to take vitamins, probiotics, naturopathic or herbal medicines etc It might be worth checking your list and making sure all is packed and ready to go.

First Aid & Medication –

Following on from number 3 – Have you packed your first aid kit yet? And if you are taking medication abroad do you have a letter or instructions on it in case Customs want to know what it is?

Photocopy/ scan in copy of passport and wedding certificate and email to self –

You can never be too careful and on the off chance you lose your Passport or ID it will be extremely helpful to have access to a copy to show the Embassy.

Print off itinerary, flight details, accommodation information –

Having all these details easily accessible will also be helpful, especially when you are filling in your Arrival Cards.

Back up computer & phone –

I can’t live without my phone or laptop and recently I learnt the hard way when I knocked my cup of tea over my laptop keyboard. It died within 48hrs and had not been recently backed up. A lot of work was never recovered.

Put international roaming on Phone –

Speaking of phones, don’t forget to speak to your Network provider about international roaming. The other option is to just buy a prepaid simcard for the country you are travelling to once you arrive. EG. In Fiji the two most popular Mobile phone companies used are Vodaphone & Digicel. Both are available at the Nadi International Airport when you arrive. (Just make sure your mobile is not locked to a certain network before you leave)

Put money on credit cards –

Make sure you credit cards are paid up and ready to go. I like to add a bit of extra on them (so they are in credit) as they are my main way of paying for things. – Best thing about it is all the frequently flyer points I gain by using my credit card instead of a bankcard/ EFTPOS.

Tell bank you are going overseas –

On the topic of banks, tell the bank the dates you will be overseas. There is nothing worse than your cards being frozen because the bank thinks there is fraudulent activity happening on your account. Some bank phone apps have a section with a calendar on it that allows you to enter the dates you are away and where you are going so you don’t need to waste time calling or go into a branch.

The Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) –

“The TRS allows Australians and overseas visitors to claim a refund, (subject to certain conditions), of the goods and services tax (GST) and wine equalisation tax paid on goods bought in Australia and then taken out of Australia.” For more details check out the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website

So there you have it, 11 things to do before you head off overseas. Is there anything you would add to the list?

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International travel made easy with our last minute checklist

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