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The rhythm of family life

When the impending birth of baby number 3 drew closer I started getting our two kids in to more of a rhythm with their morning & evening routine so that I could try to maintain some sort of normality once bub arrived. I knew I would be not only time poor but also sleep deprived, so I had to be smart about how to juggle my time. Here are some Mum hacks I put in place in order to keep us all alive and functioning.

  1. Online shopping

Woolworths Online shopping has been a God send to me. No more collecting grey hairs as I drag the kids through the supermarket. I usually just use the pick up service and get hubby to collect it on the way home from work, but love the idea of only paying $11 and having it delivered if need be.

2. Calendar

Having a monthly calendar with all the family’s actives in one place has helped me so much (and combated the baby brain) I’m a real visual person so having it all laid out in front of me makes it so much easier to plan out the week ahead. Although I am more a paper and pen kind of girl, hubby likes his calendar on his phone so as a back up I send all the appointments to his phone too.

3. Rhythm

Morning and night routines are important. I created the kids a morning and night time checklist. I implemented it when my eldest was 2.5yrs (and had bub number 2 on the way). It has worked well for our family and has adapted over the years. It is still going strong now with our eldest now 8yrs old. Bonus: You can have it too – just enter your details via the image at the bottom of this post and it’s yours 🙂

4. Calendar + Rhythm = Plan

Having a plan for the week including after school activities, meetings, appointments etc help give me an idea of what kind of meals we’ll have throughout the week which in turn helps with the shopping list. i.e. So I don’t schedule a roast for the busiest day of the week!

5. Laying it all out

Part of our after school routine is emptying out school bags (lunch boxes to the kitchen, reader to the dining room table, bags in the hallway & school clothes laid out – including shoes for the following day). Because the kids do this themselves it means it isn’t a shamble the morning because everything is where they have left it and it’s an outfit they want to wear. Win win.

6. Bulk lunches & bulk meals

A loaf of bread equals 2 days of sandwiches in our house hold so I always make 2 days worth of sandwiches in one go. Same with dinners, if I am going to make my Spaghetti Bolognese sauce from scratch, I make a double batch so I can free some for another meal later that fortnight. Put the freezer to good use and cook twice as much so you only have to do it half as often.

7. Cleaning & Chores

If it takes 10mins or less, I do it! For example, I find wiping down the shower and bathroom sink etc every night helps cut time when I do my big weekly bathroom clean. Same with the Kitchen. Wiping over things early before it builds up seems key to cutting down on the big clean times. And seriously, who wants to spend more time cleaning then they really have to?

8. Dishwasher & Washing Machine

Following on from point number 7… Our dishwasher goes on before bed and is emptied in the morning so all the following days’ dirty dishes go straight in (and not get piled on a bench or in the sink)
I also put a load of washing on late at night with the delayed timer set to start at 530am. When I get up the first load is already done!


I make a list the night before so I know what is on for the following day. That way when I get up I can get straight into it without wasting time wondering what the plan actually is and not play catch up for the rest of the day.


The Golden Triangle is your home, office and kid’s school. Do all of your errands and appointments within the ‘Golden Triangle’ – meaning do them at once. Organise your beautician, hairdressers and dentist appointments with your post office , bank and after school activities. It is not only convenient but it will also help save time. Just like the meals, bunching up tasks and errands means you get it all done in one hit instead of wasting time doing one thing every day.


bonus tips

1. Teach Everyone Hubby & Kids the 3 step Laundry Rule

  • Empty pockets before putting your clothes in the wash
  • Turn clothes right side out
  • Put clothes IN laundry basket
  1. After washing is washed, hang shirts, jackets etc on the line with a coat hanger. This helps save time too because when they are dry, I put them straight in the closet! #forthewin

Remember I mentioned our routine chart that has helped save our morning and evening family routine? Well, here it is! No point me keeping it a secret, I want to share it with you as well. You’re welcome 🙂

Click the image to get your FREE Kids Routine Chart.


29 thoughts on “The rhythm of family life

  1. Karla says:

    I am kind of happy I had my 3rd before I had kids in school. It was hectic, but we could sleep in if needed. I agree with the dishwasher 100%! I also tried to do a load of wash every day. It’s gotten better now that they are older. I can at least keep one room in the house clean at a time.

  2. Joanna says:

    I don’t have children but I also use some of your rules. I always put the dishwasher in the evening and empty it in the morning, I have waking up with a dirty kitchen full of dishes. I also do online shopping when I can, to save time.

  3. Catherine shane says:

    I don’t had a baby too but some of the rules are im doing it cos its better to be in habit those rule for me to make the each day easier.

  4. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your baby number 3 and lastly, I honestly love these tips and I can say that it can really help not only with you but also to everyone. I will definitely start to implement helpful routines with my family, thank you!

  5. Emily Leary says:

    Some great tips. You sound really organised! I like your tip about reminding everyone to empty their pockets before putting their clothes in the washing basket – I must remember too!

  6. CurvyGirlThin says:

    My hubby would love me to practice the 3 step laundry rule – I’m so useless at anything housework related. I blame growing up running about a farm – domestic duties just didn’t figure in my life until I got older.
    C x

  7. Emily says:

    I have lists for everything! And I really couldn’t cope without online banking and shopping – it helps me get family admin done in the gaps between jobs. It’s especially tough with a new baby, that’s for sure! x

  8. Preet says:

    Such an awesome tips. Tome Management is something that be implemented. At home we have list of chores and activities that should be follow.

  9. bavariansojourn says:

    Lots of fabulous tips here. I tried to be organised when I had my third, and I was so glad I was as I had a week’s stay in hospital afterwards which would have been horrendous otherwise! 🙂

  10. Mayah Camara says:

    Firstly congrats on the expansion of the family you must be so excited for the new addition! My brother is expecting another so these tips may be useful I’ll be sure to point him in the direction of the blog x

  11. Deborah Patrick says:

    Fab post! Something that I truly needed. My house is tatters and is in some serious need of organising and whipping the kids {and Hubby} into shape to help out more! Especially with emptying those pockets before putting clothes into the washing machine! lol!

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