A fun packed weekend away for the family in Brisbane

An Epic Family Getaway in Brisbane

For me there is nothing better than getting away, except for maybe when I am surprising the kids and hubby with a getaway.  There are so many reason/ excuses why I could say I booked in our recent family getaway in Brisbane:

  • It’s our last family holiday before baby comes
  • Its hubby’s mum’s birthday and we’ve always honoured her birthday since her passing by going to the theatre
  • It’s my birthday next weekend and hubby will be interstate so I’m giving myself an early birthday present

It could be all of the above but to be honest I don’t really over think things that much, I don’t think there really needs to be a reason when it comes to creating memories with loved ones or bring joy to others. Instead, I just do things because I do; and trust that the Universe will bring it all together.

This weekend was nothing short of both amazing and jam packed. Admittedly, I am feeling pretty exhausted at this moment in time. I may have pushed myself a little too hard but it was so worth it.

Our weekend away started with a road trip up to Brisbane. We did a quick detour to the RTA to get my licence renewed. Can I just mention how bitter sweet it is to get your licence renewed for 10 years. Knowing that the photo you will have for the next decade on your licence is the face of a tired, exhausted,  8 months pregnant with your 3rd child mama face.

Anyway, after that speed hump, we were off to Brisbane and heading to one of my favourite hotel chains, the Stamford Plaza. I had purchased an awesome deal with Luxury Escapes a few months back and knew it would come in handy with all the QPAC shows I want to see this year.

The sheer excitement that washed over my son when he saw the hotel was priceless! After a quick and painless check in  we were off to dinner. We choose Kabuki one of 3 of the Stamford Plaza restaurants. They do two Teppanyaki Seating a night 6pm & 815pm.  2hrs later we rolled out of there with our bellies full of tasty food and headed upstairs straight to bed.

The next day was full of shopping. Living semi rural means shopping is a rarity for us and a much planned event. With renovations to our home and studio 90% complete it’s time to start beautifying our home, so it was off to Pottery Barn & Pottery Bar for Kids followed by Westfield. It is safe to say, our credit cards will be glad we do not live in the city anymore.

The next morning; we woke to the kids playing quietly. The Junior Suite was certainly a hit. The room was more than big enough for the four of us and the views were amazing. The kids loved watching all the boats in the river in the day and watch the lights change on the bridge at night.

After another delicious Buffet Breakfast at the Brassiere on the River, and a quick trip to the Botanical Gardens (across the road from the Stamford Plaza) we packed up and got ready for the main event.

Aladdin the Musical had our kid’s jaws dropping within the first few seconds of the show starting. The costumes were amazing. Genie was star of the show keeping us in stitches the whole way through the production.

It was a bitter sweet being there without my Mother-in-law. She would have been 70 years old this year. I pictured her with her glass of wine and M&M’s in hand soaking up every moment both of the musical and the experience with her grandkids… Does it ever gets any easier?  I guess all we can do is enjoy every moment we can, make memories and adapt tradition.

It was a great weekend there were so many highlights Mr N would say it was hands down the buffet breakfast, Miss M would say it was meeting Jasmin & Genie after the show… for me it was purely about reconnecting with my little family before Baby L arrives…

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17 thoughts on “An Epic Family Getaway in Brisbane

  1. fifi + hop says:

    Sounds like a fabulous visit! We saw Aladdin on Broadway and loved it – to date it’s one of our favorite shows of all time – so much fun and the music is great. Thanks for linking up with #farawayfiles

  2. Wherejogoes says:

    We’re off to Brisbane next year so I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! We love teppanyaki so we’ll be tracking that down. Good luck with the new baby! #FarawayFiles

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