Why mother/daughter relationships are important

Through the eyes of a child

There are days that seem to be never ending. Days where I feel like a complete failure, days that seem like ground hog day and days I wish would be ground hog day just so I could correct all the errors I made. Then there are days that click, that work seamlessly, and if I am lucky have special moments in them that bring so much joy that my heart feels like its going to explode. I was so blessed to have a few days recently that had so many of those joyful moments and they all came so unexpectedly.

a motherless mothers day mothers day with no mum

A Motherless Mother’s Day

"Whether your mum was taken from you or if she just walked away the pain is soul crushing. That loss and that unspeakable heartache, that feeling of abandonment, that desire to pick up the phone and say “Mum, I miss you”. That loneliness that comes with knowing that your cheerleader, that one person you could count on that had your back is no longer there."

the journey through life

It’s all about the Journey

When I started writing today I was going to tell you a story about how my blog came to be and how over the months that it took me to create the blog and now the couple of months its been ‘live’ I found parts of myself I had lost somewhere in the journey of motherhood & wifehood. Parts that have laid dormant for way too long. Instead, I find myself drawn to taking down my brave face for a minute and sharing part of my journey about how life’s continual curve balls have impacted my little family.