Tea and Toast. Vegemite and Bread

Tea & Toast

I’ve spent the last 3 days battling a virus induced fever. A crazy fever that bounces between the terrible hot sweats and the icy cold chills. It has triggered migraines, nausea, vomiting and left me pretty sore to say the least. Certainly not much fun when you’re in your Third Trimester of Pregnancy. There have … Continue reading Tea & Toast

Why mother/daughter relationships are important

Through the eyes of a child

There are days that seem to be never ending. Days where I feel like a complete failure, days that seem like ground hog day and days I wish would be ground hog day just so I could correct all the errors I made. Then there are days that click, that work seamlessly, and if I am lucky have special moments in them that bring so much joy that my heart feels like its going to explode. I was so blessed to have a few days recently that had so many of those joyful moments and they all came so unexpectedly.