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5 Binge Worthy Medical Dramas

Medical dramas have been popular for many years. Going back to ER, Doogie Howser and even further back to A Country Practice. There’s something about seeing doctors push themselves to save others and come up with diagnoses to fix patients with complex health issues that keeps us entertained and wanting more.

If you are anything like me, you are always keen to find the next series to sink your teeth into. Here are 5 Binge Worthy Medical Dramas definitely worth checking out!

1. Greys anatomy

If you haven’t gotten yourself hooked on Grey’s Anatomy yet, then you need to get cracking. This is a show that is one of the longest running medical dramas ever. You will need more than a weekend for this one though! Oh, and for all you Nexflix people, if you haven’t notice Grey’s Anatomy was added earlier this year!

Seasons: 16 (still running)
Years: 2005 – current
Genre: Medical Drama
About: Grey’s Anatomy follows the life of central character Meredith Grey and other medical interns as they compete to become top surgeons in a Seattle hospital. The story lines focus on patient cases and medical treatments as well as friendships and romances. After 16 seasons everyone has a favourite couple from Meredith and McDreamy – Dr Derek Shepherd to Callie & George to Mark & Lexie….

2. Private Practice

Another medical series produced by Shonda Rhimes that is well worth watching. It runs for 6 seasons, so a good number of episodes to keep the evenings busy after a hard days work.

Seasons: 6 (season finale January 2013)
Years: 2007 – 2013
Genre: Medical Drama
About: A spin off from Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice follows Dr Addison Montgomery from Seattle to Los Angeles where she takes up a position in a private practice. The adjustment from big town hospital to small practice is a shock to Addison at first, but she soon adjusts and makes friends along the way, all learning to juggle medical life with personal life.

3. House

We love House. He’s quirky and definitely not your average doctor and amazing at what he does!

Seasons: 8 (last aired May 2012)
Years running: 2004 – 2012
Genre: Medical Drama
About: Focuses on the title character, Dr Gregory House, an unconventional doctor who leads a team of diagnosticians in a New Jersey medical centre. He’s a medical genius with a pain medication addiction and bed manner that would make the reaper look more inviting. The series creator was a fan of Sherlock Holmes, which was the drive in creating a Dr who used deductive reasoning and psychology in determining his diagnoses.

4. The Good Doctor

This one received mixed reviews over storyline and portrayal of autism. Even so it is still going strong after 3 series and definitely worth checking out.

Seasons: 3 (still running)
Years running: 2017 – current
Genre: Medical Drama
About: A surgical resident, Shaun Murphy, from a small town in Wyoming, moves to California’s highly regarded San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Shaun has Autism and Savant Syndrome which allows him to see things that other doctors can’t.

5. The Resident

Totally binge worthy and an added bonus if you are a fan of Gilmore Girls. Logan Huntzberger (Matthew Czuchry) is the main character on The Resident (Dr Conrad Hawkins).

Seasons: 3 (still running)
Years running: 2018 – current
Genre: Medical Drama
About: A medical drama that focuses on the lives and duties of a medical team at the fictional Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Delving into the bureaucratic issues that can be present in a hospital unbeknown to those on the outside.

Two I have been recommended but haven’t watched yet….

Nurse Jackie

A different take on a medical drama than the other titles mentioned with Nurse Jackie taking on a black comedy status.

Seasons: 7
Years running: 2009 – 2015
Genre: Medical Drama / Black Comedy / Comedy Drama
About: A medical drama/drama comedy that follows the title character Jackie Peyton as she battles being head nurse of All Saints ER as well as substance addictions in the form of percocets, xanax and other prescription meds.

Code Black

With only 47 episodes to this series, its one that can be knocked over a holiday break…

Seasons: 3 (series finale aired July 2018)
Years running: 2015 – 2018
Genre: Medical Drama
About: With a focus on under-resourced hospitals and how this can affect health care, Code Black follows 4 first-year residents at Angels Memorial Hospital’s ER department that lacks sufficient resources.

Do you have a favourite show missing off our Binge Worthy Medical Dramas list?

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9 thoughts on “5 Binge Worthy Medical Dramas

  1. Roger Willis says:

    My wife and I used to watch Grey’s. I haven’t watched it since post plane crash (spoiler alert!). I loved House and Code Black. Excellent choices of great shows!

  2. sarupashah says:

    When medical dramas are too real and gory with medical stuff I can get a bit squeamish — though I love a good drama and some of the ones you have mentioned I have never heard of!

  3. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    Loving all of them but hands down House is the winner, I have watched this over and over again and have never gotten bored of it

  4. rhianwestbury says:

    House is one of my absolute favourite series, I love it, but I do love the guy who plays House a lot. I don’t think I’ve seen many other medical dramas before x


    I used to watch House and Grey’s Anatomy those were really good. I started up with House again recently, It’s such a great series.

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