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The Best Travel Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

There is so much to do before you set off on your travels as a family. Whether it be a day trip, trip to the shops or a trek around Australia it always seems feel like you are packing everything but the kitchen sink. What use to be a simple pack a bag or two, throw in some travel snacks and load everyone into the car now seems much more complicated.

Thankfully, technology has made things a little easier with apps for almost anything and everything. It could also be argued that technology has also made life harder. Let’s face it, nothing is private anymore. The life before apps & social media meant that “Whatever happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas” theres days… we all know what happened in Vegas!

There are however some really useful travel apps around that actually do make life so much easier, whether you are travelling with kids or solo. Below are some of our personal favourites as well as some that our followers also love to use.

Here are our 13 Must Have Travelling Apps


An emergency app developed by the Australian emergency services to help Australians get help quicker. It has an inbuilt GPS so you can easily relay your location to the operator anywhere in Australia.


A great little crowd-based app for finding your nearest petrol station, cheapest prices and even keeping track of fuel expenses and fuel economy.

First Aid app

A comprehensive app for all things first aid. Definitely a good one to have, especially when travelling with kids who get into all sorts of mishaps.

National Public Toilet app

Because when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go! And the kids always need to go at the most inopportune times!


Never be lost for a camp site again with WikiCamps. It has everything from cap sites to RV parks with dump points and everything in between. The best part of this app is it works offline, so no wifi, no worries as you download it straight to your device.


Keep family and friends in the loop and a part of your travels with the TrackMyTour app. It allows you to map your trip and share way points and trip highlights.

 Google Maps

This has to be one of the most popular apps mentioned. You can honestly never get lost again with this app. Just make sure you have it set to car mode and not bike or you could end up in some strange places! This may or may not have happened to me!


Have flights, accommodation and rentals at the click of a button with Expedia. It’s hugely popular and very convenient.

Another hugely popular app for hotels, flights and last minute deals, is our go to app while travelling. Book online in minutes and never be stuck for somewhere to sleep again!


If you’re the home away from home type of traveller, then AirBNB is the app for you. Rent from another family and enjoy all the creature comforts of home at your fingertips.

XE Currency

A must for international travel, calculate currency and exchange rates on the go with this app. It’s on our phone every time we travel overseas. It’s great for converting back to Aussie dollars so you know how much you’re really paying.

Google Translate

Another must have app if travelling overseas, there is nothing worse than not being able to read or understand the local language.


Read reviews, compare prices and book accommodation and restaurants. It’s so hard to know where the good spots are in a new location, so let everyone else do it for you! Nothing beats an honest review system.

Have we missed any? I’m sure we have, comment below and let us know so we can all share in the  best travel apps together.


26 thoughts on “The Best Travel Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

  1. Heather Keet says:

    I love my fuel app. I also love an app we have in America called Roadside America. It gives you really quirky places to visit – for example, a miniature train village at a random rest stop in PA. It was awesome! They track quirky sites like that all over the country. #AnythingGoes

  2. Sally says:

    Ooh yes. Google maps is a must. I can’t go anywhere without it. I always have a train ticket app too. Also love a bit of Instagram so I can share my photos.


  3. Chloe says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing these apps. We always have Google maps. I shall be using some of your suggestions on our future holidays #dreamteam

  4. Spectrum Mum says:

    The first aid and translate are definitely ones I use a lot. I am off to find the national public toilets app for our UK visit, my Mummy bladder needs it now! #dreamteam

  5. diynige says:

    Some great apps I will be bookmarking this post Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week


    Ha, these app suggestions are great. I think the toilet one would come in handy having 3 children. They always seem to need the loo at different times.

  7. rhian westbury says:

    The toilet app sounds so handy, to be honest most of these I’ve not got so I’ll have to download a few. We tend to use Trip advisor to help find restaurants quite a lot x

  8. Jess Howliston says:

    So many great apps I had no idea about! I have Google Maps but that’s about it lol! The toilet app would definitely come in handy when travel with the kids and the Emergency+ app sounds like something every phone should have as it could save lives!

  9. Ash Carlo says:

    I have a couple of these already such as Expedia, TripAdvisor and Google Maps but actually found out about a new ones that I will be downloading too!

  10. Rebecca Smith says:

    I actually didn’t know about some of these. As we like to travel a lot, I could definitely do with utilising a lot more of these!

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