14 essential items you need to pack in hand luggage when travelling with kids

Travelling with Kids: You need to pack these 14 essentials

Travelling with kids can be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun. I find the more prepared I am the smoother things run. Recently we flew to Bali for a month long trip with our two kiddlets (4yrs & 7yrs old). I thought it was only fitting I share with you the Top 14 things I pack in my hand luggage when I have my kiddlets in tow. I hope it helps you with any up and coming trips.

Here’s my top 14 things to pack in hand luggage when travelling with kids:

14 travelling with kids travel essentials

  1. Change of clothes – including jumper & socks as it can get cold on flights. Top tip: remember to layer! They don’t weigh you at the baggage counter!
  2. Nappies, nappy sacks & nappy rash cream – disposable nappy bags come in handy for all sorts of messes as well.
  3. Something to suck on to alleviate the pressure build up/ ear pain on decent – lolly pops are great for kids and mints or Mentos are great for adults. For young babies giving them a bottle or breastfeeding helps as they are doing the same sucking action.
  4. Small gifts or wrapped toys the kids have not seen before –  This is great for keeping them entertained. Kmart has great small & cheap sticker packs and knickknacks. Other ideas could be: play-doh, Uno, toy car, drawing/ colouring in books or activity books – Consider the other passengers though and remember not to noisy and not too many pieces or small parts!
  5. Lip balm – Your lips get really dry from the air-conditioning so this can help with comfort. Alternatively, paw paw ointment can be used as a lip balm & nappy rash cream if you have kids making it a two for one!
  6. iPads, Kindles, Laptops –  If you are packing these, don’t forget your chargers!
  7. Ziplock bags – These are amazing and have many uses. They make great vomit bags (sorry!), contain left over food/ snacks and keep toys and bits and pieces (i.e. Lego) in a safe place after opening the packet.
  8. Babywipes – These are a must! Baby wipes are a life saver, and have so many uses.
  9. Plane Pal or Fly legs Up – I love these! They can be very helpful especially for international flights as they help to make your set a little more comfortable and also help to make the set into a small bed for the kids.
  10. Lots of healthy snacks – Like most places you go, airport and plane food can be expensive and also not great for fussy eaters. Remember to check custom and quarantine laws for any food exemptions. I.e. nuts, muesli bars, baby food in pouches etc.
  11. Baby Carrier- There is nothing worse than waiting for hours on end holding a baby or toddler. My life was so much easier when I had my hug-a-bub (for my baby) and I then went to a Ergo for my toddler.
  12. Panadol for mum & bub – You might not need it but if you are on a flight and find need it and don’t have access to it, you will surely kick yourself. Especially if it is an international flight as these can get long and painful.
  13. Medication – For us I wont travel without eye drops & antihistamines for allergies & puffers and inhalers for my son. Always pack an extra dose just in case your flight is delayed.
  14. Scarf or sarong– These are multi purpose and I’ve found to be very handy. You can use it as a scarf, a pillow or light blanket for the kids.

If you are heading overseas, you might need a few added extras. Luckily you are afforded a little more space to fit them all in!

travelling with kidsv

Travelling overseas with the kids?

Don’t forget to add these as well:

  1. An empty bottle is helpful – remember no liquids over 100mls are allow on the plane and water is only supplied in cups. Having a bottle you can fill helps in not continually asking for cups of water and reduces the risk of spills.
  2. A pen – Filling in arrival & departure cards amongst other things can be annoying at the best of times… imagine if you didn’t have a pen!
  3. Copies of passports, itineraries including flight & accommodation details – You’ll need to fill in passport numbers, flight numbers, accommodation details, duration of stay etc on arrival cards, so having this info handy is a must.
  4. Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes – This is something you might want to pack regardless of where you are travelling. It can help ward off unwanted holiday wrecking bugs!
  5. A spare pair of undies – Imagine if your luggage went missing when you arrived at your destination… eeeek! After a long flight you’d be wanting a shower and of course you would want a whole set of fresh clothes, but I bet a pair of fresh underwear after a shower would feel better then nothing.
  6. Kids PJ’s, bedtime book and comforter – Doing the regular bedtime routine you would normally do at home will help get your kids in the mindset that it is time to sleep.
  7. Ear plugs, eye mask or noise cancelling headset –  These are all really handy for the plane and will help you sleep a little better too.
  8. Tooth brush and comb or brush – Don’t forget your toothbrush! Top tip: wrap a few hair ties around the handle of your hair brush if you have long hair!
  9. International adaptor – In addition to chargers don’t forget your international adaptor.
What are your top items to pack in your hand luggage when travelling with kids? Do you have a go to trick that works every time? We’d love you to share it with us.

What should you pack when flying with kids? Here are 14 essentials you dont want to forget

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