What to pack on a family road trip

12 Road Trip Travel Tips with kids

With family and awesome holiday destination’s all along the east coast, road trips have become a part of our life. With an impending trip insight, I thought I would share with you what works for our little family.

Here are our Road trip travel tips that work for us

  1. Mini Car fridge that runs off the lighter/ 12 volt plug – Our little fridge sits on the floor of the back seat. Within arms reach and keeping the snacks and drinks cold, its worth its weight in gold.
  2. Snacks – Depending on how long the trip is and when we are leaving will depend on what I pack. But usually I will make up the kids Planet Boxes with their standard school lunches. Then in addition there will be extra fruit, veggie sticks & hummus, popcorn, crackers, protein balls and other yummy snacks.
  3. Water – We don’t leave home without filling up our stainless steel water bottles first. We may pack other drinks in the car fridge but usually we are just water drinker.
  4. Zip Lock Bags – I find zip-lock bags to be amazing for multipurpose use. Not only to store rubbish in, but also to store half eaten food, loose pencils or Lego bits floating around the car and they can even work as an emergency vomit bag. (Gross but true!)
  5. Baby wipes – My car and hand bag are never without baby wipes. Whenever kids and food are involved its worth having baby wipes close by.
  6. Chargers – Although we charge up our electronics the night before (phones, iPads, laptops, kindles, GoPro etc) we still have our chargers handy. They are usually packed up in a travel cube and stored in the main compartment of the car within arm’s reach, especially our phone chargers.
  7. Entertainment – Whether you have a DVD/ TV in your car or have a portable DVD player, a favourite movie or new movie will always go down a treat. Adding some new games and apps to an iPad is also a novelty. There are also other screen free time activities that are great for road trips. Our 7 & 4-year-old love I spy, as well as Road Trip Bingo. As Steiner kids they love a new sketch book and bees-wax crayons. But a new colouring book, stickers or Lego are also well received. The best thing that works for us is telling the kids to pack up their back packs the night before with what they want to take to entertain themselves in the car.
  8. Pillow & light blanket/ sarong – Depending on how long you drive for or when you leave having a light throw can be quite helpful. Our kids love a blanket when its dark and they are wanting to drift off.
  9. Change of clothes & PJ’s- In a travel cube we like to have a spare change of clothes and Pj’s packed for emergencies or late arrivals. I’ve lost count of the amount of times we have left later than we thought. Or stayed longer at a stop along the way that we hadn’t planned to do. Only to realise we would be arriving at the destination later than we anticipated. But having the everything handy means that we can feed the kids dinner along the way and pop them in their PJ’s and keep driving without unpacking the boot or rummaging the suitcases at a car park or rest stop.
  10. First Aid – We have our standard First Aid kit that is always in our car. This is regardless of whether we are road tripping or not. But when road tripping we have a separate one for the extras like Inhaler, antihistamines, sun cream, mosquito repellent etc.)
  11. Cash – Having a bit of cash handy for parking meters, roadside fruit stalls or markets is always helpful.
  12. Travel Apps – Everyone should have the “Emergency+” app on their phone. Other apps that may be helpful for road trips are Wikicamps Australia, TrackMyTour, Fuel Map, First Aid App & National Public Toilet Map, just to name a few.

    So there you have it 12 tips for Road Tripping with kids in Australia. Hope they help. Feel free to share any tips you would add to the list.

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12 Travel tips Perfect For Road Trips With Kids

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